SD-WAN brings agility and security to your network

WAN: A focus on outcomes not technology

Wide Area Networks (WANs) have traditionally connected branch sites to central offices. But with the rise of remote work, WANs now extend to many locations.

This makes it critical to have secure and reliable connectivity between these edges. They enable customers to rapidly adopt hybrid working, accelerate towards hybrid cloud.

Our WAN solutions are built on leading technology and are backed by our experience and expertise in delivering robust Wide Area Networks.

The challenges we help with

Reducing your WAN Costs

Implementing an SD-WAN solution, you can cut down on the costs of expensive routing hardware, utilise a mix of connectivity options. and save money previously spent on building and maintaining your own in-house network services and teams.

Eliminate downtime

An SD-WAN can utilise multiple connections simultaneously to boost your available bandwidth. Where a site is deemed critical, we deliver fully diverse routing for best possible resilience.
As important, we provide highly resilient management hubs to ensure the most critical elements of your solution are not your achilles heel.

More bandwidth

As network traffic continues to surge, we can incorporate supplementary circuits from various providers while maintaining your existing connection.

Increasing security

SD-WAN solution comes equipped with advanced security features as a standard offering. Next generation firewalling, provides comprehensive protection while also offering detailed visibility into the applications running on your network.
All WAN traffic is encrypted at every stage of its transit.

Is there still a place for traditional WAN approaches?

Undoubtedly, the benefits of SD-WAN are significant, but it’s important to acknowledge that it’s a transformational project that requires careful planning and execution.

It’s crucial to keep your objectives in mind and evaluate the commercial aspect of an SD-WAN implementation. If you are not seeing a strong business case, it’s always worth considering alternative options to leverage your existing technology investments.

For instance, if you have circuits that are still under contract, require high bandwidth point-to-point circuits for data center replication, or possess network hardware that still has a lifespan, you could explore how to maximize their utilization.

A discussion makes all the difference, which is why we are keen to talk through from an agnostic view point, no technology agenda.

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