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Secure and robust connectivity and network solutions

Connectivity is at the heart of everything we do

 At Next Connex, we believe that a discussion makes a difference, whether a simple connection or a WAN/SD-WAN there is always different approaches to consider. 

Our reach extends across the UK and beyond, with over 20 carriers offering a range of last mile connectivity options including Internet, Ethernet, DSL, FTTP,  Mobile, and Wavelength services. With such a broad range of options, we’re confident we can find the right solution to meet your objectives. 

Robust SLAs and layered services across a
comprehensive portfolio

Internet Transit

Internet services delivered from a resilient core network with multiple global IP transit providers, all sourced at diverse data centres

DC to DC

Dedicated high bandwidth connectivity between data centres and to the public cloud. Diverse paths from your racks to the meet me rooms and onwards.

Cloud Connections

Directly connects your offices, data centre to the Cloud Service Providers such as Azure or AWS


Point-to-Point layer 1 connections with low latency / high capacity with diversity and protection options

Leased lines

Access to the most comprehensive range of last mile providers, significantly improves lease line uptime without appreciably increasing costs.

Supplementary access

Options include leased lines, 4/5G, Ethernet First Mile, EoFTTC/FTTP and ADSL/VDSL

attack prevention and mitigation

DDoS Protection

Network Protection

Networks by their nature are shared, whether you are concerned about being a target or want reassurances that an attack on the network will not affect you, we have that protection in place

Attack Mitigation

A DDoS mitigation service protects a specific targeted server, IP Range or network. When attacked the service kicks in and guarantees clean traffic so you can continue to function while the attack is dealt with.

Continuous Monitoring

24x7x365 monitoring and support services providing Detection, Response, Intelligent Routing and Mitigation.

A resilient P2P or internet feed refers to a design and routing to provide reliable and stable access, even in the event of network failures or other disruptive events. This needs to be the carrier, the physical paths, and all equipment supporting – there should be no single point of failure.

Redundant paths: Multiple paths to the internet are established to provide automatic failover in the event of a failure on one path.

Load balancing: Traffic is evenly distributed across the cire network to ensure optimal performance and to prevent any single path from becoming overwhelmed.

Diverse routing: For Internet traffic is routed through multiple Tier 1 providers at diverse data centres eliminating a single point of failure.

High bandwidth: Adequate bandwidth is provisioned to handle the traffic with a DDoS protection service.

Network monitoring: The network is constantly monitored to detect and respond to any potential issues, such as performance degradation or failures.

Is having 2 carriers resilient?

public Cloud connection

Connecting Azure and AWS

Azure ExpressRoutes

ExpressRoute provides a private and secure network connection between your on-premises infrastructure (data centre) and Azure, bypassing the public internet for more reliable access to Azure resources.

AWS Direct Connects

AWS Direct Connect offers flexible and scalable connectivity options, including multiple port speeds and virtual interfaces, to match your specific network requirements.

Resilient options

Like all our services, we provide options for diversity and resilience and as a layered service where combining with other network services make commercial sense.


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