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Firewalls to protect your network, range from very simple devices to very complex that can be deployed on a per-site basis (two per site if there are diverse network links) or the entire network can be protected using two centralised firewalls.

next connex has chosen Fortinet for its superior Next Generation Firewall capabilities and these devices can either be employed individually on customers sites or centrally hosted in the network core with two devices per customer VPN for resilience. The simplicity of management and additional threat management features of the Fortinet range make it the best choice to protect your network.


There are three factors to consider when recommending a centralized or distributed approach to firewalls:

  • Performance: A firewall must be able to meet the needs of the network and the traffic load. Fortinet firewalls provide excellent high performance hardware dedicated to the operation of firewalls, filtering, anti-virus and anti-spam.
  • Redundancy: Dual, centralised firewalls are located in two separate Data Centres on the next connex network so that even if there is a power or equipment failure at one site the network remains protected and available.
  • Cost: As a result of their needs for performance and redundancy, centralized firewalls have a higher cost per unit than smaller distributed firewalls. Smaller distributed firewalls cost less per unit, but the combined cost of all firewalls to cover an enterprise can often be larger than the cost of the single distributed system and ongoing management and updating are much more time-consuming and prone to error.


Download our Data Sheet to understand how this impressive technology can make your data secure.

Data Encryption

Firewalls are one element of the security solution for your network and servers. These stop bad things coming in – viruses and hackers – but no system is perfect and there are also people who have access to your network that maybe should not. So it is important to consider the security of your data at rest. This could be accessed by staff members who are not entitled to see or use the data or downloaded and shared or sold to someone outside the business. This could leave you vulnerable to prosecution if personal data is lost or you could lose valuable company information which damages your reputation or reveals company secrets.

Encryption of data  at rest means that if files are stolen, the data cannot be used.



next connex uses the Thales Vormetric Data Security Platform to help you manage your data at rest in your servers or anywhere across your organisation.

The benefits of the Vormetric service are:

  • Implementation is completely transparent, requiring no changes to your applications or processes.
  • Scales from tens to thousands of servers and works with Windows, Linux and Unix.
  • Can be used across physical, cloud, container and big data environments.
  • It incurs a very small overhead and most organisations do not know that it is even running.
  • Data is encrypted, access is controlled and access is logged for audit.
  • Meets compliance and best practice requirements of major standards agencies and governments such as PCI/DSS and GDPR.

The Data Security Manager is a single (or dual resilient) controller that sets rules and manages stored data through agents installed  above the file system on servers or virtual machines, as shown in the diagram below. It is quick and easy to implement.

This is a single, centrally managed platform delivering encryption which meets the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2). This is a US Government computer security standard used to approve cryptographic modules and is widely recognised.

Download our Data Sheet to understand how this impressive technology can make your data secure.



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