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A private WAN (PWAN), IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN), or MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network are terms often used interchangeably to describe a private network that links multiple sites. It offers a secure, segregated and dedicated way to connect across the country or even globally to multiple sites, utilising our core fibre network and integrating access circuits, internet access, next cloud services, data centres and peering with SIP voice networks.

Our core network is intelligently routed, resulting in low, stable latencies, and minimal jitter, even during peak hours. This makes it a great core for voice traffic which is now a key element of multi-site networks using hosted IP telephony. Traffic can take the most intelligent route through the next connex network at any given time, avoiding broken links and high traffic areas.

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Unlimited Network Potential

Choose from a range of access circuits linking your sites to the core from 10Mbps to 10Gbps

Secure Solution

Use your own firewalls or select from our Next Generation Firewalls with Unified Threat Management hosted in the core network.

24x7 network support

Our network support work as part of your team and are available 24 hours a day.

True Diversity

Your network connections are very important so dual, diversely routed links provide 99.999% availability.

Stable latency

A private network provides reliable and stable latency for all your systems.

Additional services

Moving data from your VPN to our cloud services is free, so you can host your data in our cloud servers or use them for backup

Management Information

We provide you with a portal to show how the network is performing and provide reports.

Intelligent Design

Our network architects will work with you to create the best deisgn for your company and budget.

How is next connex's multi-site network service Different?

Our MPLS core network is never congested because it is built on dark fibre and this gives us the ability to quickly, easily and cost-effectively expand it as we grow.

Our core network is directly connected to voice SIP Trunk providers to improve voice quality.

Our Cloud Services and data centres are directly connected to our core network so you can move data from your office comms room to a secure data centre, cloud server, or virtual data centre without worrying about the network that connects you.

You can take advantage of the global Cloud Service Providers public cloud offerings by connecting your VPN directly to AWS, azure etc. using our Cloud Connex links.



Our UK operation needed a network infrastructure specialist willing to work with our existing network providers on the continent to deliver those services to our UK offices. Next Connex have been excellent.

Multi-site networks combine the common access needs of all the users and protect them in a secure private network. Workload for customers is reduced by centralising firewalls, Threat Management and data servers, storage and backup. Management reporting and visbility of the key network components are supported by our 24x7 Network Operations Centre.

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