Business Grade Internet

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Business Grade Internet

Next IP (Internet Protocol) Transit is business grade Internet Access. It allows you to take full advantage of our triple-node resilient tier 1 carrier connections to access the public internet. Our IP Transit service connects to three Tier 1 Global IP Transit providers with both IPv4 and IPv6.

Our Service Provider customers benefit in a range of ways when they choose next connex's IP Transit services, and can pass these benefits on to their clients. We will help you meet your customer demands in terms of speed, reliability, cost and availability of IPv4 addresses by using advanced technologies and a flexible service.

Our IP Transit services provide speed, rock-solid dependability, flexibility and route efficiency via our pure fibre backbone network. We can provide IPv4 and IPv6 addresses or we can provide a BGP feed to work with your own address range.

We are ready to meet your current capacity needs and grow with your business as traffic increases, by offering low latency connectivity that scales easily.


next connex's IP Transit Service is:

  • Constructed using BGP4 routing protocol for better redundancy and access to multiple carriers.
  • Based on multiple connections to Tier 1 carriers from Telehouse North, Equinix 8/9 Harbour Exchange and Equinix LD5 in Slough.
  • Uncongested core network, so you never compete with others for bandwidth.
  • Offers options to connect to the USA and Europe avoiding London Docklands.
  • Free of add-on services so you can use your own services for Domain names, email, security, VPN's etc.
  • Customers have the flexibility to increase bandwidth and burst to deal with peak demand.
  • Opex only.
  • Pay only for the bandwidth you use with our pioneering usage based option.

In addition to direct carrier peering, next connex provides high performance multi-homed IP transit connectivity delivered as a high quality aggregated Tier 2 service. This allows you to leverage the optimum routes of multiple providers with the additional benefits of operator resilience.

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Diverse triple node resilience

Superb resilience

Constructed using BGP4 routing

Complex routing protocol for large networks

Connected to 3 x Tier 1 providers

At 3 x diverse locations

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Internet protocol version 4 & 6 addresses

We are ready to meet your current capacity needs and grow with your business as traffic increases by offering low-latency connectivity that scales easily.

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