Network Services

Mutliple ways to connect your business, data centre or cloud

"It's the network that makes the cloud work"

Network connectivity is the heart of our business and we have developed a wide range of connectivity services that provide the right solution for your needs.

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Dark Fibre

The simplest means of connection, simply a pair of fibres that you light using your own equipment.

Dedicated fibre

Uses dark fibre combined with the provision of managed network equipment by next connex

Optical Wavelengths

Are point-to-point layer 1 connections with low latency / high capacity, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, STM and OTU.

Point-to-Point Ethernet

Networks are straightforward links between two buildings which can be fibre or wireless depending on the distance, bandwidth and expected utilisation.

Internet Access

Connects your business to the internet using a high quality triple-resilient core network with multiple global IP Transit providers

Virtual Private Networks

Connect multiple sites to each other and to common resources such as internet access, data centres and cloud services.

Non-fibre access

Methods include cellular 4G, Ethernet First Mile, Ethernet over Fibre-to-the-Cabinet and ADSL/VDSL.

Cloud Connex

Links your offices, data centre or VPN to the global Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), using a direct, low latency and high throughput connection.

These are the building blocks which are brought together in an Intelligent Design to produce a High Performance Network.

Some of our Intelligent Designs are:

Multi-Service Leased LineTM - Our leased-line access is more than just internet access. Download the data sheet for more information.

Office Connect - Our perfect solution for your office, connected to the internet with your data held securely in a local data centre or in our next cloud services platform.

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