Cloud is the BIG word!

14 March 2018 : By Richard Auld

Cloud is the BIG word!

The Cloud is the BIG word!

Everyone is migrating to cloud providers, sometimes without the knowledge or approval of the IT department - just moving data to big and small Cloud providers because it is quick and easy to get things done, launch new products and services and crunch big numbers.

However all this is happening just as GDPR really starts to bite, which means that you need to know where your data is, who is processing it and how you delete it if there is a request from an individual. So companies need a more structured approach to Cloud adoption.

Hybrid infrastructure solutions seem best suited to this. Hold and control your data in your own equipment in a secure data centre and carefully select Cloud providers to manage specific tasks where they are better, cheaper, faster. Control access to the Clouds and transfer data easily, quickly and securely via dedicated network links. 

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