Data Centre Colocation

A unique approach to colocation hosting.

Colocation Services

next connex provides the nations highest performance colocation and networking services across London and the UK, instantly delivering high-quality connectivity over its robust and comprehensive UK fibre network.

next connex is active in helping clients manage their data centre strategy, from simple colocation requirements to complex multi-site solutions with network in-between.

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We can provide you with a choice of data centres nationally, to suit your location and requirements.


Our partners each have complete financial and operational autonomy.

Fast Networking Between Sites

Our partners are all diversely linked by optical fibre.


Impartial advice and single service level agreements simplify contracting arrangements.


Their personal reputations are on the line.


Our partners care more. They will react and adapt quicker.

Flexible Contracting

Allowing you to clearly plan your budget up to 25 years ahead of time.

Direct Public Cloud Connected

Cloud Connect allows direct connection from any on-net data centre directly to public cloud services.

Unlike traditional UK providers that have scoped their network to maximum 10Gbps capability,
next connex’s fibre optic network is built to support both 40Gbps and 100Gbps standards. This
gives its customers future-proofed high-speed connectivity and network capabilities, driving down
bandwidth and infrastructure costs, and supporting future network growth to help them to stay
ahead of market and business demands.

  • Where?
  • Geography plays a big part in the choice of a Data Centre. That's why we offer choices in the City, Docklands, Heathrow, Slough, Surrey, Hampshire, East Anglia and Wales. You also need to consider pairing sites to be within 75Km of each other if you are going to run active/active SAN replication. We can offer multiple pairs that meet this criteria.


Connect with us

next connex owns and manages a fully diverse, high-capacity fibre network spanning the southern region of the UK, and is one of the UK’s fastest growing network operators.

This network links multiple Tier 3 Data Centres providing our customers with a choice of location, technology and operator. Our locations enable you to locate your equipment in the centre of London, outside the M25 or in East Anglia or Wales.

Pairs of Data Centres can be connected to provide low latency SAN replication compliant architecture with complete geographic, technology and operator separation.

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