Core Dedicated Network

High Performance Networks for High Performing Clients

Our Core Dedicated Network runs over dark fibre, allowing us to increase capacity quickly and easily. It connects three separate data centres making up our "Triple Resilient Core"

A robust, scalable core network is the basis for the delivery of all services - Internet Access, WAN's, cloud platforms and connection to multiple Service Providers and Carrier Interconnects. These enable us to deliver High Performance Networks.

Wires Only or Fully Managed

Whether we supply "wires only" or a fully managed network, your data is routed by our core to deliver your Internet Access, data centre connectivity, Cloud Connections and WANs


Our core network scales easily to ensure that congestion never slows you down.


next connex is ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited to ensure your data is secure.

High Bandwidth

Because we have a dark fibre core, we can easily provide you with 10Gbps or more. In fact we specialise in high bandwidths.

Core Data Networks are often built with two core sites or nodes.

This provides resilience in case of an outage or fibre cut at one site. We've gone one further with our "Triple Resilient" Core.

It's Triple Resilient because we have;

  • Three separate data centres, including one outside the M25 which routes internet traffic to the US and Europe avoiding London Docklands;
  • Three separate nodes, each capable of handling our network's Internet Access;
  • Three diversely routed dark fibre links, each capable of increasing capacity almost infinitely as our network gets busier.
  • We connect to multiple Service Providers, Carriers and additional Data Centres at these sites at bandwidth from just 10Mbs to 10Gbps. 
  • On-net connections at up to 1 Gb are delivered in only 5 working days, meaning that your network is ready as soon as your racks are in place.
  • it just works!

    Our core network is intelligently routed, resulting in low, stable latencies, and minimal jitter, even during peak hours. Traffic can take the most intelligent route through the next connex network at any given time, avoiding broken links and high traffic areas.

What does this mean for my data network?

The Intelligent Design of our core network ensures that it's always available and we can always meet the needs of our clients. The network is designed so we can upgrade our capacity without affecting our customers. We can do this because the core is built on our own dark fibre.

If you have diverse, resilient connections from your office to your WAN or the Internet, then these will connect to the core in two different locations. The failure of any individual piece of equipment, fibre path, or upstream IP Transit provider, will not take down both your resilient links.

At next connex we are committed to going the extra mile in order to provide the most resilient, enterprise-class MPLS solutions the UK has to offer.

What are the Benefits of Next Connex's core for your WAN?

Multi-site Virtual Private Networks (VPNs or WANs) are created by connecting all your premises to our core where they can share connectivity to:

  • The Internet
  • Data Centres on our network where you can co-locate equipment or build your own private cloud.
  • Cloud Service Providers such as next cloud services, our own Cloud Server and Virtual Data Centre platform, and global providers such as AWS and Azure.
  • Traffic re-routes around faults in less than 50ms to provide reliable service.
  • Our Service Level Guarantees manage packet loss, jitter and latency as well as availability.



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