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Cloud is the Preferred Strategy for 82% of Enterprises

What Cloud Services does Next connex provide?

Cloud services refers to the hardware and network components needed to support a cloud computing model.

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of hosted services over the internet to users that might be internal (employees) or external (customers, suppliers).

We are a Government G-Cloud 10 Provider for Cloud Services.  


next connex supports the following Cloud Services:

  • Private Cloud built by organisations using their own equipment and resources and located in a data centre with co-location racks and network connections supplied by next connex
  • Managed Private Cloud where organisations rent infrastructure consisting of virtual machines either singly or linked in a Virtual Data Centre with network connectivity and security options provided by next connex
  • Hybrid Cloud where the customer operates a mix of private cloud, managed private cloud and public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. next connex links these all together with resilient, low latency and high throughput networks.

There are more details on each option in the linked carousel pages below.


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  • the cloud
  • The benefits of using cloud are;

    Greater Scalability, Faster access to infrastructure, Higher availability, Faster time-to-market, IT Staff efficiency, Geographic reach, Higher performance, Cost savings, Move CapEx to OpEx.


What does this mean for me?

All this sounds great but what does it mean for the average business? Well most of us use Cloud in one way or another but we may not call it that. Our Outlook may be hosted. We may use Salesforce or Autotask or a hosted accounts package (public clouds) and we probably run our own servers with at least file storage and maybe an Intranet of data (private cloud).

The world is changing rapidly and IT Managers need to incorporate flexibility to deal with issues such as:

  • Big Data - how do I store, manage and use large amounts of data that my business will generate?
  • GDPR - how do I store and process personal data so that it is secure and complies with regulations?
  • Shortage of technical staff - how do I find the right technical skills to support more and more complex solutions?

Using our Managed Private Cloud means that you don't have to procure hardware and support it, you don't need to set up virtual machines and you can increase capacity almost instantly. Our security options include Privacy by Design to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations.





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