Provision of a managed 10 Gigabit core network with multiple Internet break-outs

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Gigabit Network Infrastructure

Eloquent Technologies provide rock solid hosting platforms for applications and web. They are specialists in providing Private Cloud Services. From designing the solution to migrating exisiting legacy on premise IT equipment and the on-going management in order to reduce cost, complexity and increase productivity.

About Eloquent

Eloquent Technologies are a UK based hosting company that guarantee your data stays in the UK. Priding themselves on offering the best support and customer interaction from inception, throughout implementation and support.

They deliver highly available solutions to meet their customers requirements by working together to scope, design, build and deliver fully managed cloud services or hybrid systems using appropriate on-site and cloud technologies.

We supply Eloquent with rack space at Redcentric, City of London, which connects to Telehouse North via a 1 Gigabit Ethernet over MPLS connection utilising next connex's high capacity, low latency, low jitter core fibre network. Another 100Mb point-to-point circuit connects their rack at Redcentric with HEX 8/9. Eloquent also have a rack with Qube Managed Services in the Goswell Road facility. With their network designed in this way, Eloquent have reliable, resilient access to two different nodes where they can access their 100Mb of IP transit.

All of the Ethernet over MPLS services that run on next connex's core network can be upgraded to almost any capacity In 5 working days or less. By selecting the next connex core network as their underlying infrastructure Eloquent enjoy the highest levels of resilience, flexibility and support.

By selecting the next connex core network as their underlying infrastructure Eloquent enjoy the highest levels of resilience, flexibility and support..

System Details

Elopquent Technologies have diverse, high bandwidth links between their main platform equipment, in Taunton, Somerset, and their secondary platform in Redcentric, City of London. This gives their platform full redundancy, as well as independent links to network hubs in Telehouse North and Harbour Exchange 8/9, one being diversely routed.

  • 2 Internet Breakouts
  • 2 Data Centres
  • 2 Carrier Hubs
  • True Diversity

The next connex core network means that Eloquent have three diverse IP transit routes, so that their platform has the robustness it needs.

Each network link is designed to be scaled up quickly and easily as Eloquent customer base increases. Contiguous rackspace has already been reserved in their cololocation environments, enabling expansion simply and quickly.

At the time of writing, Eloquent have upgraded all of their links from 1Gb to 10Gb and doubled their rackspace requirement. All of this was facilitated with zero disruption, within 7 working days of next connex receiving the request.


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