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This is the Header Module

This module is called OVERLAY QUOTE. I have used it for testimonials but also for content i want to highlight when dividing up lots of copy. We will be adding an optional name, job title and company name field to the module.

Content Panel Module

This module has been specifically designed for the team section, but it could also be used for other purposes.

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Mark Fitchew

Chief Executive Officer

Mark is our experienced guiding hand. One of the founders of Telinet in the early 1990s, Mark also found time to simultaneously co-found Union Street Technologies a few years later.

Xabier Merino

Technical Director

Xabier is our Network Architect Chief. With a Master’s degree in Telecommunications, Xabier has been leading technical departments for companies like NewNet and Timico for nearly 20 years

Richard Auld

Commercial Director

Richard is our Strategic Thinker. Richard has been leading Sales and Commercial Teams for nearly three decades at businesses including South-West Communications, BT and Geo Networks.

Bob Griffiths

Managing Director

Bob Builds Better Relationships. Bob founded Next Connex back in 2011, having previously founded a cabling and Infrastructure Company and that won key contracts including Terminal-5

This module is called 1 ROW 2 COL. It has a variety of uses but always requires an image to look any good. The speech marks will always be there, so it may be worth always using a quote here.

This module is called HALF IMAGE HALF TEXT and it is using the IMAGE WITH QUOTE template, The only difference with the one above is the animation style.

  • Subtitle
  • Module Title
  • This module is called HALF IMAGE HALF TEXT but it is using the IMAGE WITH TITLE template. Title and subtitle are optional.

Carousel Module

This module is called CAROUSEL and it can house 8 logos. But currently each logo is not clickable. We can adapt this module in future to allow links. Please can you use transparent pngs for the best effect.

Contact Us CTA (template)

This module is called contact us CTA but ot can house other CTAs. The module template selected here is called TEMPLATE and therefore the styling is blue. The button link can be both internal and external.

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Contact Us CTA (White background template)

Variation of the blue background CTA. All of the same functionality just a different style.

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Details Grid

This is the details grid

Four or eight

Your choice whether to have 4 or 8 points

Upload any icon

Can take any uploaded icon

Fixed Background

The background image is not editable

TITLE AND 4 COL module

  • Subtitle 1
  • Title 1
  • This module is using the SECTOR template

  • Subtitle 2
  • Title 2
  • This module is using the SECTOR template

  • Subtitle 3
  • Title 3
  • This module is using the SECTOR template

  • Subtitle 4
  • Title 4
  • This module is using the SECTOR template

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