Optical Transport Network

Who is the best optical transport network provider?

We have the fastest reaction times and we use the most cutting edge technology to deliver the best service. Our core network is constructed on the latest Huawei OTN Switching platform, the leader in OTN Switching WDM equipment.

OTN Switching has a number of advantages over the Muxponder or ROADM systems that most providers use in their networks. For example, no bandwidth is lost due with OTN Switching ensuring we don’t pass the costs of lost capacity on to our customers.  We have virtualized the capacity on the network to keep the costs of equipment for individual circuits and the cost per bit of transferred data as low as possible.

As a result, we lead the industry for OPEX and CAPEX. Our delivery times for new circuits is just five working days irrespective of size whether it’s for a 100Mb circuit or a Fibre Channel. By using Optical OTN equipment we can provide transparent services – ensuring compatibility with your equipment.


What are the benefits of optical transport network services?

As the demand for high bandwidth and quality service grows but capital budgets become ever more squeezed, operators feel increasingly compelled to attain as much capacity as possible from their existing fibre networks. One of the big advantages of OTN technology is that it can be smoothly integrated into a common infrastructure with new enhanced applications.

A client signal’s original structure remains intact. The overall network performance with OTN is also of a higher quality and there is no need to frequently tune the network.


Do you need our optical transport network services?

Businesses are increasingly adopting optical networking technology as a way to improve their connectivity without having to alter original structures. OTN services are especially attractive to businesses in a number of circumstances. If your firm requires high bandwidth then you might find OTN ideal. OTN is also a potentially perfect choice for your business if you are keen to make improvements but at the same time wish to avoid altering your existing infrastructure.


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