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Next Multi-Service Leased Line

Who is the best leased line provider?

Although there are numerous providers throughout the country, at Next Connex we believe that we offer the most flexible and robust leased line solutions in the UK. Our services can be tailored precisely to the needs of our clients, whether they require 10Mb or 1Gb. We endeavour to meet the needs of service providers in the most effective way possible. For companies wishing to connect sites across the country for internal use, we are capable of developing bespoke solutions which are guaranteed with strict service agreements to ensure your operations run smoothly, and without any interruption.


What makes us different?

Unlike our competitors, we operate a model which allows us to offer flexible contract terms coupled with burstable internet access options which accurately reflect real-world data use. By combining this with incredibly fast delivery and flexible CAPEX vs. OPEX models, we are fast becoming the UK’s number one choice for leased line solutions.


What are the benefits of leased lines?

Constantly active, ultra-fast connectivity

Reduce connectivity costs

Increase the security of your connection

Perfect for optimum internet connectivity, data back up and VOIP activities

Leased lines can provide businesses with constantly active, symmetrical and uncontended connectivity between two sites, ideal for internet connectivity, data backup and VOIP activities. Such connections are used by a wide range of different businesses across the UK. By utilising fibre services, companies can future-proof their network, reduce connectivity costs and increase the security and resilience of their connection. Leased lines are available over copper (EFM) or fibre (Ethernet) cable, in a range of bandwidths to suit all business needs – from 1Mbps up to a staggering 1Gbps for those who require ultra-fast data transfer, and are perfect for those who need to rapidly adapt to changing business requirements, since bandwidth can be upgraded at incredibly short notice.


Do you need a leased line?

In a world where we rely increasingly on connectivity in order to do business, leased lines are becoming more and more commonplace as a complete communications solution. There are a number of circumstances in which having a leased line can be incredibly beneficial to a business.


Companies with several buildings or offices spread out across a local area are likely to benefit from leased line solutions – particularly those which need to transfer larger data quantities between sites in an efficient and reliable manner, for backup or recovery purposes. Those who require a guaranteed level of internet bandwidth might also wish to consider leased line technology. Businesses running older, more expensive technologies will also notice a distinct advantage in switching to a leased line, since Ethernet is scalable and can therefore help to create savings. Circuits can be delivered within twenty working days, making them ideal for those who require a rapid turnaround.


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