Business Grade Internet Transit

Next Internet Protocol transit allows your traffic to take full advantage of our tier 1 carrier connections to access the wider internet.


Reliable. We use the top tier providers to ensure the best service.

Big or Small. 10mb to 10GB.

LINX Accredited. We peer with over 200 networks.

RIPE Member. Able to allocate IP addresses when necessary.

Dedicated. Your own fibre to run however you see fit.

Scalable. We can quickly adapt your solution to meet your changing requirements.

Burstable. A data speed overdraft that you can use when your business needs it.

Service Providers need straightforward, low cost and highly resilient connections to the internet.

Next IP Transit delivers IP traffic between your servers and the internet and Next Connex's IP transit services will allow you to deliver this connectivity to your clients and give the best results.

IP Transit UK and Europe / USA

At Next Connex we have different options for connections, depending on whether you want IP transit in London or to avoid London Docklands.

Next Connex have put together IP transit service options which provide you with flexibility, excellent bandwidth and resilience, so that you can provide the best service to your clients. You have the ability to increase your bandwidth as your client base grows or increases in data usage. We will assess your needs, including factors such as locations, user behaviour and budgets, to provide you with the most appropriate IP transit service.


Next Connex’s IP Transit service is:

Constructed using BGP4 for better redundancy and access to multiple carriers.

Based on multiple connections to Tier 1 carriers from Telehouse North and 8/9 Harbour Exchange

Un-contended so you never compete with others for bandwidth

Offers options to connect to the USA and Europe avoiding London Docklands

Free of add-on services so you can use your own services for Domain names, email, security, VPNs etc.

Customers have the flexibility to increase bandwidth.

Multiple Tier 1 carriers for resilience and flexibility.

Pure un-contended bandwidth.

Opex only.

Pay only for the bandwidth you use with our pioneering usage-based option.‚Äč

Service providers benefit in a range of ways when they choose Next Connex's IP transit services, and can pass these benefits on to clients. We will help you meet your customer demands in terms of speed, reliability and cost by using advanced technologies and a flexible service.

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