The Ultimate Bespoke Solution.

Dark Fibre offers a layer one connection with the ability to completely control the network environment. Anything and everything that passes down the fibre is controlled by the operator, whose own network team light and manage the connection. The bandwidth is limited only by the hardware at each end.

We are a fibre integrator and fibre network builder. We design and integrate fibre to provide you with the ideal solution to come in on time and within budget.

Unlit fibre. Available for you to light and manage to your own personal specifications.

Unlimited network potential. Bespoke control of the way you want to run your network.

Clearly Defined Long Term Cost of Ownership. Allowing you to clearly plan your budget up to 25 years ahead of time.

Low Incremental Cost. Add additional services to your fibre at a fraction of the initial cost.

Dedicated. Your own fibre to run however you see fit.

Secure. Ultimate data protection. Your own private fibre-optic cable.

True Diversity. Our network designs that require diversity come with full proof of separation.

Point-to-point. Reliable latencies you could set your watch to.

Network design. Technical experts will integrate fibre for you with resilience in mind.


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