The Biggest Challenge of the Cloud

12 October 2017 : By Richard Auld

The Biggest Challenge of the Cloud

The Cloud Challenge

The biggest challenge of the cloud era is not whether to go with the market leader AWS or trust in Azure, IBM, Google or one of the many others.

It is not whether to have a hybrid solution or all in the cloud and its not "where is my data stored?".

The biggest challenge of the cloud era is getting and staying connected, reliably and with the capability to transfer large amounts of data quickly to make the cloud elements of your IT systems work as one with your office or data centre based equipment.

Many business owners and CEO's/CFO's see connectivity to the internet as a cost - unitl the office is quiet with all the staff staring at the sky. No phones, no email, no internet and no access to cloud services. Then the cry goes up "this lack of internet is costing me thousands of pounds a day! Get it fixed!"

Let's assume a single leg, fibre leased-line has an availability of 99.9%, That sounds acceptably high, but we'll do the maths.

There are 8,760 hours in a year, down time of 0.1% = 8,76 hours.

With a fix time of 4 hours, you are going to have a couple of days a year when your business is seriously disrupted. If it costs you "thousands of pounds a day" (20 people at £200/day = £4,000) you have enough to invest in a second back up circuit.  There are lots of options, high and low cost, depending on your bandwidth and your location. It may be better to use your budget for a lower bandwidth resilient solution, than a higher bandwidth single leg.

Now we haven't started on connecting effectively to the Cloud Service Provider(s) of your choice yet, but access resilience is fundamental. Connectivity sounds like a simple thing, a commodity in fact. But we aren't supplying water of gas, we are supplying multiple complex services that your business increasingly relies upon for its existence.

So employ some Intelligent Design in the most critical element of your network.

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