Is Your Data Network Upgrade Being Designed to the Highest Standards?

03 April 2017 : By Darren Smith

Is Your Data Network Upgrade Being Designed to the Highest Standards?

When it comes time to design and build your data network, the best data network designers make a basic assumption: everything that could go wrong will at some point go wrong.

Resilience, Diversity and Proof of Separation.

If the client requires maximum uptime as part of their data network upgrade, they may consider a solution that has two or more diversely routed connections between their premises.

This means that in the event that one circuit fails due to an act beyond their control, the network will automatically switch over to a redundant backup connection and continue as normal.

Most data network designers will assume that circuits from different providers will take different routes, but taking that a step further, our network architects require deep-level technical drawings detailing the routes of those connections from the providers.

In this way we can ensure that they these routes do not run in the same duct, or alongside the same train line, for example, for any length of the journey. These are single points of failure and are unacceptable in a truly diverse data network design and build.

In addition these two connections would come back to two different points in our core network, so that if some issue or power outage beyond our control were to occur, both circuits would not be affected at once.


Understanding which vendors have the better UK network infrastructure up and down the country allows us to design and build a data network while reducing to an absolute minimum the risk of costly delays.

Knowing and understanding vendor processes and internal timescales sets reasonable expectations at the outset of a data network project, while also ensuring that the delivery dates remain on track. After all, the project can only be delivered as swiftly as the most time consuming element.

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