Structured Cabling

Who is the best structured cabling provider?

Although there are numerous providers throughout the country, at Next Connex we believe that we offer the most flexible and scalable structured cabling solutions in the UK. Flexibility is a core part of what we offer; our service is modular so that it can adapt to shifting requirements and changes. We are proud of our strong track record for installing structured cabling on time and within budget. Our impressive reputation in this area is ultimately down to our high calibre team of PRINCE 2 qualified project managers and highly experienced, expert data cabling installers. Our service does not end with installation, as we deliver site documentation in CAD format upon completion so that the work done can be easily reviewed at a later date.


What are the benefits of structured cabling?

Structured cabling can help meet the infrastructure needs of businesses, which continue to increase as Data Centre growth continues unabated. Virtualization, switching and routing and high-performance computing environments are driving this trend. Internet exchanges and service provider peering points, as well as high bandwidth applications such as video on demand, are further intensifying the appetite for higher data rates in the business world. With Ethernet applications now working at 1G and 10G and following the recent introduction of 40GB and 100GB, server demands have increased and the right structured cabling system is key to meeting these new server demands to avoid expensive site visits and upgrades.


Do you need our structured cabling service?

In a world where reliable and high performance connectivity is fundamental to business performance, structured cabling is becoming ever more popular. There are a number of circumstances in which investing in structured cabling can enhance your business. If you are deploying a complex multi-rack solution, particularly one that will see future growth and expansion then a structured cabling solution will help to avoid potentially high costs further down the line as you increase your infrastructure footprint.


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