Cardiff Internet Exchange

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) was founded in 1994 to facilitate the exchange of traffic between Internet service providers.

An important element of global Internet traffic is called ‘peering’, which is usually the settlement-free exchange of traffic between individual service and content providers. LINX is a not-for-profit organisation which is mutually owned by those it serves.

LINX originally grew in London, where it allowed traffic to be exchanged that has previously had to be exchanged in the USA, and has always been on a mission to keep traffic local. Their UK regional peering strategy means that they have expanded to allow local peering around other major UK cities including Manchester and Edinburgh.



LINX believes Cardiff satisfies two of the three criteria of LINX’s regional peering strategy. With the support of Cardiff City Council and the staff of the Welsh Government, a strong local community of interest has been established and LINX have now decided to build a local exchange in the City (IXCardiff). A creative way has been found to overcome the one criteria not currently satisfied in Cardiff - carrier neutral data centres.

LINX is working with BT to provide what is essentially a carrier neutral facility within the BT Stadium House data centre. In practice, this means that members will be able to rent rackspace directly from LINX within Stadium House, and this rackspace will be colocated closely with the LINX equipment. This document aims to provide a technical overview of the new Internet exchange and the benefits it can bring to the people of Wales and its business community.

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