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A unique approach to colocation hosting.

UK and international customers trust Next Connex to impartially find a colocation provision that best suits their needs. Our colocation services place the end-user at the heart of how we operate.

We don’t own or build data centres, but rather use our buying power to locate provision and space that is best suited to the end-users requirements. We don’t sell equipment or software applications and don’t compete for end-users in the way a carrier or service provider that also offers data centre services would.

Selecting the best match for your firm from our extensive list of partner facilities enables us to offer state-of-the-art facilities with shorter lead times and easier set up, while keeping colocation prices down.


An open access model.

Working with a range of businesses has taught us that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to data centre colocation.

Our business model helps end users partner with the service providers who have the hardware, applications and location to fit their requirements, keeping the cost of managed colocation to a minimum for both parties.


What are the benefits of colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting with Next Connex allows you to access modern hosting options without the need to build your own data centre or employ people to maintain and manage it.

Rather than renting space in a single or multiple data centres that are designed to meet the needs of those who built them, our options allow you more flexibility to adapt to changing standards and customer demands.

Colocation hosting can help you to keep down costs while accessing the latest technology in a convenient and flexible way.


Do you need colocation services?

As a business owner or IT manager you may have been tasked with assessing your server facilities and may be exploring the idea of building your own data centre, renting space in an external Data Centre or outsourcing all of your needs with a service provider.


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