Cloud Exchange Services

The Evolution of Internet Connectivity

Businesses originally connected to the internet via a carrier network on dialup, and then broadband.

As bandwidth needs grew leased lines were used, and servers may have been moved to a Data Centre, which then connected to the internet.

Now businesses can connect directly to a local Cloud Exchange and connect to the internet, their own servers, other managed services, and Cloud apps via a direct fibre link to their offices.

Data Connectivity is Evolving

Internet connections are supplied diversely from two core nodes.

All customers can have single or diverse connections.

The Cloud Exchange will host a wide range of service providers giving a choice of solutions. Customers can also host their own equipment in the Exchange.

Large customers benefit from bespoke solutions including multi-site private Cloud networks.


What this means for businesses

Businesses can take advantage of cost-effective space in the Cloud Exchange for greater security and availability.

Collaboration and connection to other businesses can be achieved by simple, low cost cross-connects in the Cloud Exchange itself.

Multi-site businesses can connect premises easily via the Cloud Exchange which makes it a perfect location for shared data equipment.

Our Cloud Exchange network is Open Access which allows any Service Provider to sell services to customers. This provides variety and choice for the customer.

Complex IT environments can be centralised in an easily accessible local Cloud Exchange.               

Simple cloud-connect links to customers, partners and Service Providers.

Cost-effective site to site links at LAN bandwidths using Ethernet.

Engaging Cloud and outsourced services.

Service Providers have a focal point for the delivery of services in the Cloud Exchange.

Last-mile FTTP access makes outsourcing and use of cloud easier.

Easier and more cost-effective to integrate within the Cloud Exchange.

Simple point-to-point and network services to link systems more easily.



What we can offer to connect to your local cloud exchange.

Direct Fibre-To-The-Premises (FTTP) connection.

Symmetric 50Mb, 100Mb or 1Gb connectivity to the internet. (You can share the internet connection between equipment in the Data Exchange and the user’s offices).

Managed Services (hosted voice and data services)

Managed hosting of customer’s equipment, servers, back-up etc.


Cross-connect links to other businesses.

Point-to-point connections between buildings.

Longer distance circuits where the FTTP forms the local access link.


What do the Services look like?

Simple Internet access using FTTP, at a range of bandwidths, 50Mb, 100Mb, 1Gb that are symmetric, and include the option for resilient, diversely routed connections.

A range of additional services uniquely blending internet access with:

Server hosting and management in the Data Exchange.

Co-location space.

Cloud and managed service provision.

Software as a service

Applications e.g. mail servers.

Hosted voice (VoIP).

FTTP fibre as the local access link for national & International connections.

Private, multi-site networks for LAN extension at 10Gb.


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