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Independent Data Centre Partner Network

We are partnered with an extensive range of independent data centres throughout the UK. These data centres operate to the highest levels of security, resilience and procedural standards both internally and externally. All partner facilities are on-net with us, and disaster recovery suites and customer NOC facilities are also available.

Independence. Our partners each have complete financial and operational autonomy, protecting your infrastructure should the unexpected happen.

Neutrality. We provide impartial advice and single service level agreements to the client, simplifying the contracting arrangement of separately owned data centre businesses.

Flexible contracting.We can find an agreement that will suit your business perfectly now and allow for the changes your business will undergo in the future. We want to mould to fit your needs.

Fast. Our partners can provision services, maintenance and operations tasks in hours and days, not weeks and months.

Reputation. Our partners care more. Their personal reputations are on the line.

Agility. We specialise in quick connection. Often in half the time of other providers.


Impartial Data Centre Selection.

Our competitive advantage is that we have existing relationships with an extensive range of independent partner data centres throughout the UK.

We don’t buy space and then try to fill it by pigeon-holing our customers into the wrong fit. Instead we treat each requirement separately, finding the right combination of data centre and connectivity options to meet our clients’ needs. As a result you can feel confident that wherever your business is located in the UK, you will get the right data centre service, and support of the highest level.

We will impartially assist you in selecting the data centre space based on a thorough assessment of your needs, budget, size and future ambitions. Next Connex pride ourselves on our ability to avoid unnecessary costs for you as our client, while at the same time improving network flexibility and service levels. Being part of a Next Connex data centre solution gives you automatic access to our fibre backbone and the rest of the Next Connex estate, bringing your infrastructure on-net and extending your reach.

What are the benefits of data centre services?

Any UK business with data critical operations will need to colocate within data centres to make their infrastructure more secure. Businesses are increasingly aware that if they experience problems with their IT equipment due to power cuts, network outages or security infractions it can prove to be extremely costly operationally, financially and to their reputation.

Data centres can protect businesses against such a scenario; they are equipped with generators and batteries in the eventuality of a power cut, are physically extremely secure and have multiple diverse routes for connectivity. Data centre services also improve the flexibility of IT infrastructure and make the deployment of that infrastructure more efficient. Housing your IT infrastructure in a Data Centre provides access to a wealth of Cloud Exchange services from the wider community that otherwise would be inaccessible.

Do you need our data centre services?

In a world where constant, uninterrupted connectivity is key to the operations of so many businesses, data centres are becoming increasingly critical. You might decide that colocating equipment in a data centre is worthwhile in a number of circumstances. For example, if smooth, uninterrupted service is crucial to your business or an interruption in service could cost your business heavily then it is definitely worth seriously considering a data centre. Data centre connectivity should also be of interest to you if your firm frequently uses high bandwidth applications.

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