Redcentric Data Centre

City of London


Redcentric is one of the top data centres in the centre of London, with access to more than 200 carriers. The data centre was set up in 1993, and has been renovated a number of times, ensuring that it maintains its state-of-the-art status.

The facility now boasts two 1MW N+1 diesel generators, putting the data centre at Tier 3 standard. Power availability is guaranteed, and so is security, meaning clients can be reassured that their services will remain secure and online at all times.

Redcentric London boasts two separate main electrical power feeds backed up by independent diesel generators which guarantees that power is available 24/7/365 days a year. Clients’ hardware and data is similarly not at risk when routine mainten ance is being carried out. This is also the case regarding the data centre's cooling systems; they, too, have different power feeds.

Should one of the cooling systems fail, the second cooling system is capable of supporting all cooling requirements for the Data Centre. The story is the same for the Data Centres network and bandwidth requirements as it is delivered through two independent routers, from different carriers.

The data centre's location near the City of London's internet and financial centres provides low latency and easy access, and it's the fastest route into the Docklands. Whatever clients' requirements, whether they want to use Redcentric's racks or have their own tailored suites, they are fully catered to ensure their needs are met. London firms can benefit from constant connectivity and quick disaster recovery, as well as high levels of data security, by using next connex's fast connection to the Redcentric data centre.

Registered No. 07070544 -- VAT no. 990 5038 09

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