Frequently Asked Questions

What are optical wave services?

Optical wave services use multiple wavelengths of light to transmit large quantities of data between Data Centres and in some instances business sites quickly and securely.


Why would I use optical wave services?

For service providers and large organisations, leasing bandwidth from optical wave providers like Next Connex to connect to Data Centres has many benefits. Our dark fibre network will transmit data at very low latency using defined point-to-point routes. Where needed we offer multiple diverse routes for added resilience and our fibre is deep in the ground for security.


How much bandwidth does your network have?

Up to 40 wavelengths can be used on a single optical fibre using our Huawei OTN transmission equipment (known as Dense Wave Division Multiplexing or DWDM) and Next Connex can offer waves at 1Gb/s, 2.5Gb/s, 4Gb/s, 10Gb/s, 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s.


Is it more expensive than traditional Ethernet services?

No. Simply put, optical wave services provide more bandwidth per unit cost than their Ethernet equivalent for larger bandwidth requirements. Additionally they follow defined point to point routes, whereas Ethernet over MPLS can flow anywhere across the provider’s network, and is very often contended.


What is Data Centre Open Access?

Traditionally carrier exchanges in the UK have been limited to a select number of key Data Centres in both London and Manchester. These sites are highly desirable colocation centres because connecting to an array of carriers is possible simply by cross-connecting within the Data Centre. Our Open Access model brings carriers to Data Centres over our fibre allowing clients to connect to any carrier they require.


So who owns the fibre into the building?

Next Connex own and light dark fibre to connect Data Centres with Open Access. This is no different to how large carriers currently connect to Data Centres except we guarantee diverse routing and allow any carrier to connect across our fibre - hence 'Open Access'.


What is Data Centre Neutrality?

Unlike many other colocation providers, Next Connex do not buy space in Data Centres and then attempt to fill it. Instead we match a number of Data Centres to our clients requirements and allow them to choose the most suitable site. To do this we leverage our relationships and Data Centre partnerships to attain 'spot pricing' for each and every requirement, ensuring the best available offer at any given time.


Do you have your own AS number?

Yes - AS51048.

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